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Solar Made Simple

The transition to Solar Energy made simple.

With the help of our energy specialists, we always ensure that you are taken care of and that your transition to solar is made with ease.


Net-Metering Program

What is it and how has it changed many peoples lives?

With our panels, you have the power to use as much or as little energy they produce to power your home. When your panels produce more energy than you consume, the excess power flows back into the grid, accrediting you, the homeowner.

All you would notice, is a lower electric bill.


The Six Step Process


Getting your free quote is number one. You get to meet with one of our state-certified specialists.


We will have prepared a design that matches your needs and maximizes YOUR savings.


We go into detail with homeowners, making sure they are eligible to receive THEIR benefits.


Now is the time to sit back and relax.

We'll take it from here!


With precise positioning, your solar system installation begins!

Finished within 1 Day!


Experience immediate savings upon install.

Feeling good all around.


Make The Change, Own The Change

At Alpha, we're always working on how we can become the best versions of ourselves everyday.

Making changes for the better.

Solar energy is the best way to save money in all the best ways.

Taking back control of your utility expenses. Reducing your bills and living a more eco-friendly life style.

The better investment, for a better future.

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